Drugs and Medications


  • Equine Medication Compounding - What You Should Know

    When a pharmacists "compounds" medications, she changes the form of the medication to  make it more palatable, or to combine it with other medications to help with administration. Horse owners should make use of compounded medications only with supervisi

  • Administering Equine Medications

    The comprehensive reference article provides information about the administration of drugs and medications to horses, and other equines.

  • Drug and Medication Guidelines in Equine Performance

    The laws governing the use of drugs for horses competing in various activities are complex and subject to change. This article provides an overview of equine drug laws and helpful links to the rules and regulations.

  • Equine Drug Dosage Calculations

    Simple math is required to calculate the dose of a particular medication for administration to horses and other equines. This article reviews the forms of equine medications, and the calculations that you can use to get the dose right!

  • Overdose in Equines

    Accidental overdose of any drug or medication requires immediate attention. Get prepared by reading this article on the danger of equine overdosing, and what you can do.

  • Recognizing and Preventing Equine Drug Reactions

    Sometimes, drugs, even when administered properly to your horse, can cause a dangerous or fatal reaction. Learn what drug classes are responsible for most reactions, and what you should do if your horse suffers a reaction.