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  • Tending livestock is an excellent activity for conditioning the young horse.

    Conditioning the Young Green Horse

    Every green horse needs a gradually-increasing fitness program to bring heart, lungs, muscles, tendons and joints to optimum strength before long rides or rigorous athletic maneuvers.

  • Conditioning a horse on a trail ride on Antelope Island, Utah.

    Conditioning a Horse for Work after a Layoff

    Gradual conditioning enables the horse's body to adapt and develop the ability to handle more work without pushing him too far at once.

  • A rider thrown from spooked horse.

    Somber Statistics about Equine-Related Head Injuries

    Few equestrians have had a career riding without suffering from injuries, some serious. Learn more about equine-related injuries and why helmets are protective, but experience isn't.

  • Horse wearing bell boots.

    Horse Snips - Bell Boots

    Watch this short video that explains the basics of using bell boots to protect your horse's legs while riding. This is the first in a series of "Horse Snips" videos -- enjoy!

  • Horse being trained for strength, power, and endurance by lunging workout in deep sand.

    Training Your Horse For More Strength, Power, and Endurance

    When formulating a strength training program for your horse, it is important to determine whether the primary requirement in the muscles is for power or for endurance which will depend on that horse's particular sport or competition.

  • Riding a horse at a canter.

    Using the Counter Canter To Build Your Horse's Strength

    The counter canter means the horse is cantering on a circle going left and the rider deliberately makes the horse canter with the right canter lead, so the canter lead doesn't change when the direction is changed.

  • Importance of touch and massage techniques in keeping horses in tip-top condition.

    Ttouch VS Reiki - Which Is Right for Your Horse?

    TTouch, massage and Reiki require that you learn to perform the technique correctly so take advantage of the books, DVDs and seminars or classes where you can learn these methods of keeping your horse in tiptop shape.

  • Importance of recognizing your goals for your particular equine athlete.

    Training and Conditioning Your Equine Athlete

    Active horses benefit from a structured program to get and keep them into good condition. Learn the basics in this article by Dr. Eldridge.

  • Importance of balance for horse and rider

    Trail Riding Conditioning for Horse and Rider

    Learn about the importance of conditioning for both horse and rider in preparing for trail rides whether they be purely recreational, a break from training, or a competitive endeavor.

  • Benefiting from preparation of horse and rider

    Simple Exercises for Weekend Riders and their Horses

    Learn why keeping your horse physically fit and mentally and emotionally stable requires working together and how simple exercises make for happy trails.