Horse Hoof Care Performed by the Farrier

A quarter crack in a horse's hoof. A job for a farrier.
A quarter crack in a horse's hoof. A job for a farrier. Jacob Butler

Periodic hoof care performed by a qualified farrier

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The farriers care goes beyond the simple hoof trim

When a qualified farrier attends to a horse, they look for and treat disease, observe and correct hoof balance, and take preventative measures to protect the foot.
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Your farrier provides the knowledge and expertise for keeping your horse's hooves trimmed, shoed, healthy and sound.

Here are 6 things your farrier can do to help keep your horse's hooves and lower limbs in the best possible condition:

  1. Checking your horse's hooves for disease, stress, or damage that might threaten the health and condition of the horse
  2. Trimming the hooves properly and accurately based on the horse's anatomy, proper orientation to the ground, and the work load of the horse
  3. Shoeing the horse to guard against cracking and splitting and to provide proper support for the horse's limbs based on physical characteristics and work load
  4. Treating conditions that threaten the health of the horse's hooves or lower limbs such as hoof cracks and contracted heels
  5. Designing and applying corrective shoes depending on the condition, work load, and needs of the horse
  6. Advising horse owners on the need for special treatments such as the need for therapeutic hoof dressings or sealers, frequency of needed trimming and shoeing, and giving advice on improvement in diet for horses with hoof problems.

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Once you have established a good working relationship with your farrier, don't hesitate to ask for help in becoming more competent in assessing your horse's hoof condition and in taking preventative steps to make sure your horse's hooves remain healthy.

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