Manna Pro Multi-Species Nutritional Supplement Calf-Manna - One Bag, One Formula, One Long History for Over Ninety Years

Horses munching on a variety of feeds including grain and forage.
Horses munching on a variety of feeds including grain and forage. Smerikal

Newsdate: Monday, October 4, 2021 - 10:35 am
Location: ST. LOUIS, Missouri

For over ninety years Manna Pro® Products multi-species nutritional supplement Calf-Manna® has helped horses, cattle, rabbits, goats, poultry, and swine achieve peak health, performance, and condition. The “one bag, one formula, one long history” product remains a top choice to support animal health and well-being.

Horse eating from pan on the ground.

Horse eating from pan on the ground

Although Calf-Manna was originally developed for lactating cows, our survey research consistently shows that more than 50% of all Calf-Manna purchased is actually fed to horses.
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Originally introduced in 1929 as a breakthrough multi-species supplement, the product quickly earned worldwide distribution.

Farmers and ranchers feeding Calf-Manna realized numerous health and performance benefits for their animals Including dairy herd milk production increases, flock egg production gains, hardier horses, and enhanced weight gain for goat weanlings.

“For over nine decades Calf-Manna has stood the nutritional test of time in providing essential nutrients that enhance the health and performance of barnyard and homestead animals,” noted Teri Nichols, Manna Pro Equine Brand Manager.

“Not only is Calf-Manna supplement’s history a testimony to its results, the legacy continues with top ratings from customers seeing benefits in their feeding programs today,” added Nichols. 

Calf-Manna benefits include:

Optimal Growth - High-Quality Proteins

Packed with high-quality protein sources delivering an essential amino acid mix, Calf-Manna meets the nutritional needs of numerous species for optimal growth and muscle development.

Increased Energy - Digestible Carbohydrates

The supplement’s easily digested carbohydrates are an excellent energy source. Its “energy density” delivers more calories per mouthful making it an ideal weight gain solution.

Exceptional Palatability - Anise Flavor

Anise flavor, similar to black licorice, provides an inviting sweet scent and taste that appeals to animals of all ages. The attractive taste keeps animals eating their feed during illness, travel, stress, and environmental changes.

Shiny Coat - Linseed Meal

Linseed meal provides oil and protein to help add and luster and shine to an animal’s haircoat.

Enhanced Digestion - Brewer’s Dried Yeast

Brewer’s yeast supports optimal nutrient digestion, improved palatability, and more consistent and earlier dry feed intake.

Read the Manna Pro Stable Thinking Blog, “Five Reasons Calf-Manna Makes Sense for Horses” to learn more about how the supplement can benefit your horses.

Calf Manna is available in 10 lb, 25 lb, and 50 lb bags, and can be purchased online and at brick and mortar retailers near you.  

About Manna Pro

Manna Pro is a recognized leader in the care and nurturing of pets with roots going back to 1842 and long-established brands in companion pet, equine, backyard chicken, and small animal categories.

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Press release by Teri Nichols - Equine Brand Manager

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