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Diagnosing Horse Lameness - The Veterinary Process

by Flossie Sellers

May 2, 2017 14:24

Veterinarians follow a specific process when attempting to diagnose a lameness. Identifying the source of the lameness can be very difficult, and without …

The Dangers of Riding Your Horse in Deep Sand

by Miriam Rieck

May 3, 2017 09:30

Learn about the dangers of riding or conditioning your horse in deep sand. Avoid the strains, stresses and fatigue that come from riding in deep sand …


Horse Conformation - Head, Neck and Shoulders

Heather Smith Thomas

Horse Conformation - Head, Neck and Shoulders

by Heather Smith Thomas

October 1, 2018 09:14

Conformation of the head and shoulders of your horse is discussed in this article, second in the series by noted author Heather Smith Thomas …

Horse Conformation as a Whole: Can He Do the Job …

by Heather Smith Thomas

May 3, 2017 10:46

This series of five articles on equine conformation will be of great help when selecting a horse for the job you want done. A horse with well-balanced …

Lameness Tip

Run your hand slowly over the surface of each leg from knee or hock to the hoof to check for heat, swelling, tenderness or cuts. Treat minor injuries before they have a chance to escalate.

Limping Horse? Assessing and Treating Lameness in Your Horse

by EquiMed Staff

May 3, 2017 10:53

The anatomy of the equine with fine legs and a large body puts the horse in a precarious position, and, as a horse owner, taking prompt action when any signs of …

  1. the way in which an animal or person is unable to walk normally because of an injury or illness affecting the leg or foot.
  2. a mental condition associated with gaited horse owners (just kidding).


Hoof Care - Trimming the Donkey

Video of donkey hoof trimming.

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