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Your Horse's Basic Dietary Needs

EquiMed Staff

Your Horse's Basic Dietary Needs

by EquiMed Staff

May 3, 2017 11:06

6 nutrient types that all horses require to have a balanced and healthy diet. This article covers the basics that all horse owners should know …

Nutritional Preparation for the Upcoming Winter

by Miriam Rieck

May 5, 2017 15:34

Miraim offers some practical advice for winter weather preparations …


Oats and Oat Hay for Your Horse

Katie Navarra

Oats and Oat Hay for Your Horse

by Katie Navarra

May 5, 2017 15:45

Oat hay and grain are excellent choices for most horses where available. Read what popular horse clinician and television show host Julie Goodnight has to say …

Is There a Low Cost Way of Getting My Horse to Gain Some Weight …

by Juliet M. Getty, Ph.D.

May 5, 2017 16:07

Keeping a horse's weight up during the cold winter months can be a challenge. Equine nutritionist Juliet Getty, Ph.D. offers sound advice to help you keep your …

Nutrition Tip

Flaxseed meal is highly recommended for equine athletes as it provides high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids that protect the heart, lungs and immune functions along with providing a great source of energy.


Triticale Hay for Your Horse

Flossie Sellers

Triticale Hay for Your Horse

by Flossie Sellers

October 29, 2018 16:46

Is triticale a good hay for horses …

  1. the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth.
  2. the branch of science that deals with nutrients and nutrition.


Hoof Care - Trimming the Donkey

Video of donkey hoof trimming.

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